B. Diaw: "The best fit for me"

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Newly-acquired Spur Boris Diaw was invited on this week’s Tony Parker Show. The French forward shares his thoughts about his new team and after three games with San Antonio, he knows he made the right choice.

Boris Diaw reached an agreement with the Spurs on Friday.

Boris Diaw reached an agreement with the Spurs on Friday.

Why did you choose San Antonio? How did it happen?

First, I had to reach an agreement on a contract buyout with the Charlotte Bobcats. After that, I knew it would be quick because in the NBA, you have 72 hours to sign with a new team once you’ve been released. There were multiple possibilities for me but I wanted to choose a team where I could adapt quickly. And San Antonio seemed like the best fit for me.

You’ve been talking with Gregg Popovich since your arrival. What does he expect from you?

Pop’ told me he was interested by my versatility. He knows I can bring a lot of different things to a team. Pop’ is a coach who loves defense. He wanted a selfless player who can also be a good defender.

You signed your contract on Friday. Since then, you’ve played three games in three days! How was it?

It was a great start. I’m happy because we won all of those games. But I still need to practice with the team and get to know my teammates better. I’m playing on instinct for the moment.

Ronny Turiaf is now playing for Miami, you are with the Spurs, the Frenchmen are all over the NBA. As the French national team captain, it has to make you happy?

Yes totally. French players have a lot of playing time this season in the NBA. And in Europe, Nando de Colo is having a great year. It’s a good omen for the London Olympics next summer.

Where are you currently living?

I’m sleeping on Tony’s couch for the moment. Like Jeremy Lin! (laughs). We made a deal: I can sleep at his house but I have to pay for all of our meals.

Would you have signed with the Spurs if Tony wasn’t playing there?

Yes of course. I chose San Antonio because of the entire team not because I wanted to play with my buddy. The Spurs are a great organization.

You’ve started the season with the Bobcats, a young team. Now, you’re with the Spurs, a more experienced team. What is the main difference?

The atmosphere was great in Charlotte despite all the losses. But here, in San Antonio, I’m in a more serious environment. There is a true winning spirit. Before games, the guys are really focused, it wasn't always the case in Charlotte.