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An unlocated picture posted in 2014 on his facebook account shows Foued Mohamed Aggad, who has been identified as the third bomber involved in the attacks at Paris's Bataclan music hall, police sources said on December 9, 2015. Foued Mohamed Aggad, a 23-year-old man from the eastern French city of Strasbourg, went to Syria with his brother and a group of friends at the end of 2013, according to a source close to the investigation.Ninety people died in the Bataclan attacks on November 13. The two other bombers have been identified as Omar Omar Ismail Mostefai, 29, and 28-year-old Samy Amimour.

TEMOIGNAGES RMC - Le dernier kamikaze du Bataclan était lui aussi allé se battre dans les rangs jihadistes: Foued Mohamed-Aggad, un Strasbourgeois de 23 ans, faisait partie d'un groupe d'amis du quartier sensible de la Meinau parti en Syrie et bien connu de la justice française. A Wissembourg, à la frontière allemande, là où il a grandi, ses amis d'enfance sont sous le choc.